10 years have passed and I am overwhelmed with myself. When I sit with my cup of coffee I often realize, my path from where I had started and where I am today. I am living my dream today and feel thankful to Mr. Kurseja and ITTI. I thought to work as a travel consultant as I was fascinated by the overall travel industry of which I knew nothing. The first victory was when I got selected as counter assistant in British Airways which gave a boost to my confidence. It also gave me a great exposure and experience. When I moved on to my second assignment as a Manager to an in house corporate agency of Dishman Pharmaceuticals I felt trust is also accompanying me. Today I am in to my own business. At every step of my success, I felt that more than my enthusiasm and zeal, It was my theoretical aspects which was working hand to hand with me and for me. Today with great pride I thank Mr. Ajay Kurseja and ITTI for giving me lifelong professional companion.

Hiral Teli Somani

Director, Holiday Exotica

After my graduation in Accounts I was really confused about what to do next and where to start with. Fortunately, I found this course of IATA related to the travel & tourism industry, which was something new for me. I found it really interesting and started to find more about it. I visited few institutes for the course and I found for me ITTI which is the most professional out of all. Then it did not take long for me to get introduced to the world of Aviation. I found it really interesting, and was very happy to be the part of it. Immediately after completion of my course just within six months my batch was given an opportunity to work at Ahmedabad International airport as a start. Everything from our resume till the interview part was assisted by ITTI and guidance was provided at every step by Mr. Ajay Kurseja. And there begins the journey of my career. Since then I have not looked back. Today I hold a couple of years of experience as a ground staff and flight attendant in airlines like Go Air, Kingfisher Airlines and presently I am flying for Qatar Airways and am based in Doha - Qatar. Even after these many years I still feel connected to ITTI in some way or the other and take this as opportunity to thank you Ajay Sir for everything!!!!!!!

Aarti Peshwani

Flight Attendant, Qatar Airways

Well, where do I start it from? It’s been truly a privilege studying IATA under the guidance of Ajay Sir. Had never thought about doing such a course or had never thought about getting into such a field. One of my friends suggested about it and asked to visit Mr. Kurseja. I still remember that day when I went to meet him up along with my parents, and the way he made us understand and guided us about the course, it was truly amazing and commendable. The very next moment I decided to join it, and believe me that was the best decision that I ever took till date. He is the best teacher I have ever come across, studying with him is like gaining something in life day by day. He simply makes this course so easy for students by his teaching skills.
Whatever I am today, all the credit goes to Ajay Sir because I never knew that IATA will give me such a nice career in this field. Today I am working with Qatar Airways. And I could start my career with Air India after passing out IATA exam in Sep 2004, only because of Ajay Sir, as he was the first person who came up to me informing about the vacancy there. So he always takes an initiative and always wishes that his students should always be given the first preference. After that my career growth was booming like anything, I worked at the airport with Air India, worked in travel agency too, Thomas cook Ltd. So today I am really satisfied with what I have achieved in life. Thanks to You sir. God Bless.

Khushboo Bhatia

Pricing Agent, Qatar Airways

Abundant knowledge, perfection, professionalism are words synonymous with Ajay. Ajay is a thorough travel professional who has immense knowledge to give.
I was lucky to be part of his first few batches which got rolled out and it has added fantastic value to my career. I had just graduated from college and today I am Manager - Key Corporates (India) for Emirates, based in Mumbai.
Ajay does not quit until the knowledge is correctly imparted and absorbed by his students. This is exactly why even today my knowledge on various aspects of fares, travel, geography, codes, etc is very strong. It is only due to Ajay’s teachings that I was able to clear the IATA/UFTAA exams with flying colours and started my first assignment in AMD with Kuwait Airways.
My heartiest congratulations to Ajay for the future and may his venture grow & grow just as his students have grown in their careers in the travel industry.
Cheers !!!

Vikram Goyal

Manager - Key Corporates (India), Emirates

Let me start by mentioning that writing a few lines about my experience at ITTI is much tougher than writing an essay a few pages long.
Where I stand today, I owe it to ITTI, where the process of learning is not just limited to books. In an industry where the way you present yourself is just as important as your knowledge, this institute is the best place to make a mark for yourself. Only polished diamonds come out from here.

Sharvil Patel

Director, Altius Travels

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much you and this course have helped me with building my career in this ever-growing travel industry. In fact, this course was the first step for me in this industry. Although I had no travel background when I enrolled for this class, by the time I was through with the course I was confident that I was on a path to a successful career.
Ajay - Although the content of this course is definitely great, taking this course would not have been the same without you delivering the training. The way you conduct the training, it just seems so easy and effortless. I attribute my success in the travel trade mainly to you and this course. Taking this course helped me to get my basic concepts so clear that I had no difficulty adapting to the different variations in the travel trade be it in India, USA or Canada.
Personally, to me the biggest benefit of this course has been getting to know you and Amisha and making friends for life.

Khyati Patel

Operations Supervisor, BCD Travel, Toronto, Canada

International Travel & Tourism Institute is professional & friendly institute, having a motto to provide a high standard of education in field of travel industry.
I strongly believe that “Knowledge is power” and their genuine concern is, try to help in providing that knowledge to the students. The aim of the institute is to offer exceptional quality of education to all students in a friendly and professional atmosphere, by providing a learning experience that encourages students of all abilities for career development. The certificate of IATA/UFTAA has also helped me in getting jobs in countries like UK & Spain also. In short Ajay Sir is my ``Travel guru`` because of him my career is built at this level.

Mona Lalwani Tulsani

Assistant Manager, Akbar Travels of India Pvt Ltd

The experience was awesome. The study pressure from Ajay sir, the support from my friends and fellow class mates. The environment in the class when studying and the environment outside the class was totally different. Cannot complain about the strictness as the course needed someone to be strict enough to get us through. We are grateful to Ajay Sir for the same. Currently, I am pursuing my MBA in Melbourne, Australia. Even though I am just a student of MBA, I have got an excellent, white collar job with a travel agency in Melbourne. This is only because of the IATA certificate. My other batch mates are doing odd jobs in Restaurants, Fast Food Cafes, Gas stations etc. while I have this fantastic job. I sincerely thank Ajay Sir for getting me such a respected certificate of IATA, which is recognized all over the world. Thank you once again Ajay Sir.

Harshal D Shah

Senior Travel Consultant, Gurkhas Travels, Melbourne, Australia

2007- 2009
If any of individual would like to do IATA/UFTTA course for their bright career in travel & tourism industry, it should be with Mr. Ajay Kurseja (ITTI)

Parth Shah

2008- 2009
``My experience with ITTI and Ajay sir was a mixture of different colors. I came there with a passion to do this course and my hard work bore a sweet fruit in the form of good results because of Ajay sir. First time I saw a class with zero partiality. Each student was given equal attention irrespective of his/her performance. We were always appreciated as well as motivated to work harder. I scored a distinction in both the papers on account of my diligence and Ajay sir’s vigilance. ITTI gave me a certificate of IATA which will definitely help me in Canada and Ajay sir taught us to be goal-oriented in whatever we do. I’ll be always grateful to you and thank you.``

Disha Shah

2007- 2009
Presently I am engaged managing my own firm, Manali Tours & Travels, Rajkot. Course period for IATA foundation Course (Aug '09 - Feb '10). Getting trained under your supervision was a really good opportunity for me. Your teaching style is tough though finally it’s only for our improvement and our performance in exam and later in real world. You have really helped in developing that confidence within me, though I used to speak less often!! The knowledge and your experience which you used to share in the class was remarkable and used to make the class more interesting to study. There might be a lot training institutes, but I know that ITTI is the best to study with. Also, if you are starting coaching for level 2 than please let me know.

Milan Pabari

``I give credit of all fame and exposure that I have got till date from this industry to ITTI. For me it’s not just a six month course but a lifetime achievement. If it is IATA / UFTAA Mr. Ajay Kurseja is unbeatable even today with his dedication and efforts to make students learn maximum out of him.``

Mithun Bhayani

Regional Manager, Gujarat & MP, Cox & Kings

Studying IATA in ITTI under the guidance of Mr.Ajay Kurseja is like getting a tree full of knowledge with all types of fruits in it. You will find sweet as well as bitter fruits but it’s upon us how we taste the knowledge. The teaching pattern is very systematic and so good that once the arrow of knowledge is released it will go right away to your mind. The exams which are taken, boosts our confidence & brings enthusiasm for performing better everytime. Everthing that is taught leaves a mark in our mind that even if in our dreams we will be able to tell the 3 letter codes & locate the place in map. For me, it was really a memorable experience which changed my way of learning things.
Doing IATA course is like adding cherry on top of your cake called qualification. This 4 month course can give us years of success. It is just like a base of our career in travel industry. Everyone who wants to go ahead in travel & tourism should do this course. It’s surely a learning experience. It is like holding the globe in your hands.

Avadhi Bhatt

Regional Manager, Gujarat & MP, Cox & Kings

At the outset, we would sincerely like to thank Ajay Sir for opening the window to the world of great opportunities. The course itself was very interesting, and more so, because of the teaching methodology of yours. We had a great learning time and are still indebted to Ajay Sir for his contribution and personal attention to us. After a successful career for a couple of years with reputed travel agencies, today, we are on our own feet with the help of his coaching (not just pertaining to the course per se) and of course the course itself!

Munind Shah

Director, The Travel Planners

ITTI; a World class Authorized training centre for IATA/UFTAA Foundation courses. Well!! just few words are too less for me to describe what ITTI is all about, where others must have spent just 4-5 months, but I got a chance to study the IATA/UFTAA foundation course as well as to work with my teacher, Mr. Ajay Kurseja for more than 03 years starting from 04 APRIL 2006 to 30 NOVEMBER 2009. Being a part of Travel and Tourism industry, was a dream for me since my childhood and International Travel and Tourism Institute made my dream come true. I still remember my first day at the institute. I was really surprised to know that I am the youngest student in the whole class, and I was very shy and nervous in dealing with all. I was wondering, being the youngest in the class means being the youngest in the Travel and tourism industry as well. How will I deal with all these professional attitudes?? But the atmosphere of the institute, the behavior of all my classmates and the first lecture of Ajay Sir, gave me lots of confidence.

Deepa Dhaval Ganatra