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Chairman’s Message

To all young dreamers, aspiring to have a great career in the world of travel & tourism industry.

The travel & tourism industry is the largest industry in the world. Having been the leading industry since years, it shows no signs of slowing down in the future too. Some of the figures published by the world tourism organisation show great potential of growth, especially in our part of the world. Figures suggest that the industry is going to grow at a very rapid pace by 2020. This is where the opportunities are for all you young aspirants. As the industry would grow at such a rapid pace, there would be great demand for qualified and well trained personnel to offer their services in the industry.

Even at this time, as I write this, there is a big dearth of qualified and well trained personnel in the industry, which consists of international airlines, domestic airlines, travel agents, tour operators domestic and international. The demand is only going to increase.

We, as one of the most reputed institutes since 1998, are sincerely committed to producing more & more qualified personnel to create a smooth supply for the demand that is going to be generated in the years to come.

I welcome all of you to write to me or to call me or come and meet me personally to make the decision of your life for having a great career ahead.

So go ahead and fill up the enquiry form or call us to fulfill your dream of being a part of the world's largest industry and carve for yourself a great and successful career in the travel & tourism industry.

Keep dreaming, as it is only people who follow their dreams become successful in life.

Ajay Kurseja

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