IATA Certification, the Absolute Path For a Career in Travel and Tourism


06 June 2016

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IATA Certification, the Absolute Path For a Career in Travel and Tourism

IATA Certification, the Absolute Path For a Career in Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a career often pursued by an inner passion, a drive that makes one go forward in the industry. Passion combined with the right training and qualifications is the most desirable path towards a successful work life.

The qualification that works as a benchmark in the Travel and Tourism industry is the IATA Certification –

  1. The International Air and Travel Association or IATA, is a prime organization that manages, operates and trains professionals for different sectors of the Industry- from Aviation to tourism; it’s an umbrella institution providing different courses under a single name.
  2. There are millions of people working in the travel and tourism industry all over the world. The Travel and tourism course at IATA gives theoretical as well as practical knowledge to amateurs who then grab the top-level careers in the industry.
  3. There are a variety of sub-courses and certifications to choose from inside the Travel and Tourism branch at IATA training centres which are relevant for people starting new in the field or for professionals who are looking for an upgrade to their game in the field.
  4. The ITTI, Ahmedabad, a premier training institute of the IATA offers the Foundation in Travel & Tourism Diploma Programme
  • The course is basically meant for travel, airline agents or tour operators. It basically comprises of the fundamentals of the travel and tourism industry. It helps build the soft skills and marketing skills which equip the budding professional in being able to advice clients wisely based on different travel requirements.
  • By the end of the course, students will be equipped to work in travel agencies and tourism firms- they are trained in building a good consumer base. They can provide quality advice regarding travel insurance, passport and visa requirements, and plan itineraries using the coding used in the industry.

This ocean of courses and certifications that also allow for developing your passion is something unique that the Travel and Tourism industry provides. Obtaining an IATA certification is like the cherry on a cake when it comes to working as a professional in the industry.

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