IATA certification from ITTI, to pursue the career you are aiming for!

Ajay Kurseja

04 June 2016

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IATA certification from ITTI, to pursue the career you are aiming for!

IATA certification from ITTI, to pursue the career you are aiming for!

The International Travel and Tourism Institution is a renowned Travel and Tourism Institution which trains students for the IATA Certification. The alumni of the institute are currently hired at top level posts in the Industry. The ITTI is one of the best institutions to receive the IATA Certification from.

So what exactly is the IATA Certification – It’s an authentication from the International Air Transport Institute, which can be pursued from various training centres around the world.

In India there are various training centres; one of them is ITTI, Gujarat’s first institution to get the authentication from the IATA for training individuals for the foundation programme in Travel and Tourism Certification. The Institute’s prime goal is to be able to produce professionals that have the potential, competencies and management skills required in the field.Also, the Institution has organized several innovative programs to develop student personalities and also helped them gain some insight into personal grooming and development strategies.

Basically this course can be pursued after completion of high school. The course has been designed with the upcoming challenges in the travel and tourism industry in mind; it goes beyond just the theoretical aspects of the industry. There is a lot of practical training that’s provided to students.

The ITTI is the best among the other training institutes for this course is because of the highly competent faculty members who are well experienced and have been mentors for the top pioneers who are practicing in the industry currently. Also the institution is a highly job oriented institution. It is very much focused on providing a training that helps students get placed in relevant jobs in the Travel and Tourism Industry.

It is a big name among the top industry players including certain international companies. Also, being in a location like Gujarat- Gujarat tourism is also a potential employer and has incredible potential for growth.

The Institute has many linkages with well-known and renowned airlines, both domestic and international. They are also in touch with international travel agents. These linkages are highly instrumental when students need On-the-field training and job recruitments.

The recruiters include the top names of the industry including- Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air Arabia, Air India, Jet Lite, Indigo, Go Air, Thomas Cook, Cox & Kings and Globotel.

The courses have an international acceptance as the programme developed by the institution is high in quality. Not only can it be a great option for someone looking for a change in career but also for those who want to upgrade themselves in the industry and are looking to be on par with the current industry trends and requirements.

The institution is fully equipped with amenities including a library with overflowing information about the industry and trends over the years, relevant laboratories for practical training, classrooms for the theory sessions, Internet in the campus, a sports cell for a holistic development of the students and also a placement cell which looks over all the recruitment and after the graduation services for the student.

The IATA certification acts like a catalyst by being recruited for renown companies in the travel and tourism industry because of its high relevance and recognition, and certified by a reputed institute like ITTI helps everything fall into place.

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