Experience Diaries – Ushma Dalal

Ajay Kurseja

01 September 2017

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Experience Diaries – Ushma Dalal

Experience Diaries – Ushma Dalal

17 years back, assisting Visa & Ticketing department in Goodwind Travel, I started my career in this Industry. However, during the phase, I had no knowledge of the Industry & without any substantial experience, I managed 6 months of work with the company.  

Surprisingly, in 2000, after a break, I found myself in the same industry with a job at Travel designer, assisting in ticketing and visas of the clients of the company. It was this particular phase when I discovered my interest in the Travel & Tourism Industry and felt the need to work on my technical grip and get my fundamentals clear.  


To make myself technically sound, I decided to pursue IATA  foundation course and obviously there was no better place than ITTI.  


The elevation point of my career came only because of Mr. Ajay Kurseja and ITTI. Without him and the institute, I could have never witnessed the position I am in. Forever indebted to sir and ITTI. It’s rightly said that the right institute can change your life!!


I did my IATA foundation course in the year 2000 from ITTI with Mr.Ajay Kurseja. And right after the course, even before I got my results, I was offered a job by PCFL Travel House in their International Ticketing Department. I worked with them for a year.


In the year 2001, All Four Season Travels offered me a job as their General Manager and I worked there for more than 10 years.




With my daughter Ashni looking up to me, I had made sure that she could understand the pleasure, of a fulfilling job, more so, where your passion for your career can get you. It’s invaluable. And once again I proudly say that there is no better place than ITTI to start your career in the Travel and Tourism industry. Even my daughter Ashni did her IATA foundation course in the year 2016 and faired a Distinction under the guidance of Mr.Ajay Kurseja.


I and my daughter, Ashni will be indebted for life to Mr.Ajay Kurseja who has always guided us in our journey of growth.



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