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05 April 2018

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Episode 1 – Interview with Aanal Shah

Episode 1 – Interview with Aanal Shah

#AchieversOfITTI an initiative to take you in the life of our alumni, their journey and walk you through their professional experience in this industry. It’s the first episode of #AchieversOfITTI season 1 and what better way to start the season than giving you a glimpse of what life is like in the Travel & Tourism Industry after topping the country in the IATA examinations.


Travel and Tourism is no longer a last in the order career option for the folks of today. The pace with which the industry is growing and the numbers it’s achieving every year has been remarkable and significant in attracting talents to venture in this industry. One such talent is Aanal Shah, an alumna of ITTI, who made all of us proud by topping the country in the September IATA examinations of 2016.


It’s been more about 18 months now since she topped the Country and to give you a look into her life and how her career is shaping after doing the course, we got in touch with her. Here’s what she had to say about her experience of this industry after doing the course.


Q.1 What are you currently doing?


Ans.1 It has been a fascinating journey since I left ITTI. Currently I am running my own business, I am a Travel Consultant. I customize International as well as Domestic Packages.


Q.2 Now that you are a part of this industry, based on your experience how are you finding yourself here?


Ans.2 Originally, I am from the Finance field and I have been working in the Travel Industry for about a year and a half now. The work so far has been very fulfilling, informative and rewarding as well. I wouldn’t say that it has been uphill from the very beginning but any business needs time and patience and today I feel that I am ready to take up any task at hand. Everyday I learn and get to know a new dimension to this industry and that is what makes me want to keep going for more and more.


Q.3 How did topping the country help in your career?


Ans.3 I wouldn’t like to say that topping the country helped my career. I would rather say that getting myself enrolled in ITTI helped vastly in my career and topping the country followed after. If not for ITTI, I do not think that I would have grown as a Travel Consultant. For me the foundation of knowledge is of utmost importance to reach out at the very top in any career and that is exactly what ITTI has done for me. It has given me the podium to be a part of the industry which otherwise was completely unfamiliar to me.


Q.4 Any insight for the students who are currently pursuing the course?


Ans.4 For those pursuing the course, all I would like to say is that to hang on to every word that Ajay Sir and Chaitali Madam inculcate in the classes. They are the golden words which will help you immensely throughout your career. Go through your books, they have all the information you need. Today also many a times I refer to my books and notes that were given in class. Stay Positive. ITTI taught me that Nothing is Impossible.


Q.5 Your mantra of success?


Ans.5 I don’t think there is a mantra to success. All you need is the right person to show you the right direction. ITTI has given me that direction and the aptitude to succeed in my career.

Wishing Ajay Sir and ITTI the very best!


Aanal’s inspires all the aspirants who do not let age and time direct their dream. Coming from the finance background and having worked in the industry for 18 long years. She was working as the  Finance Director in her father’s company when she decided to take a leap of faith to pursue her lifelong dream of Travel. Today she is an entrepreneur who’s passionately building her Travel Consultancy. And the most important part, 4 months,  it was the investment of 4 months which gave her an entry in this industry.

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