The Experience Diaries: Deepa Ganatra


05 June 2016

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The Experience Diaries: Deepa Ganatra

The Experience Diaries: Deepa Ganatra

A Dream Come True…
I would start with one of my dreams in life. When I was in School, I used to visit my father’s office during holidays and see many aircraft models of various airlines and used to get fascinated by them. I was always curious to know about different airlines of the world, their cultures, their uniforms, their flights etc. Soon it became my dream to see myself in that picture. I always used to ask my father, how I can join this airline world. On our way to home, my father used to stop the vehicle at one of the buildings and say, if you have to join the airline world, you have to do IATA certification course. Here is the best institute for IATA training.

My first step towards my dream started with the day when I completed my 12th examinations, I visited the office, met my Mentor, my Guru Mr. Ajay Kurseja and enrolled myself for the IATA/UFTAA Foundation level. This 4.5-months course changed my complete way of looking towards my life, my careers and beyond. Ajay Sir’s teaching is very different and unique. His in-depth knowledge of the industry and his practical way of teaching made the course very interesting and knowledgeable. Along with the theoretical knowledge from the IATA books, we became aware of the various practical life experiences. Sir gives appropriate and equal importance of the each and every part of the course, whether it is World geography or Fares and Tariff or Amadeus system training or Train timetables.

As it is rightly said “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure”, ITTI builds a strong foundation for all the industry aspirants.

This course opened my doors for my professional life. I was lucky enough to work with the teacher himself for around 03 years and learning the airline systems, issuance of tickets, hotels, packages, rail and tours. With the grace of GOD, trust of my Guru, Ajay Sir and blessings of my loved ones, my dream finally came true and now I am working the World’s Best Airline “QATAR AIRWAYS“ as Reservations and ticketing agent, Bangalore.

Lastly I would like to say I wouldn’t be who I am, or better than what I am today, without ITTI. Thank you, ITTI and Ajay Sir for believing in me and giving me wings to fly.

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