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25 May 2018

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Episode 2 – Interview with Hiral Teli Somani

Episode 2 – Interview with Hiral Teli Somani

ITTI has produced 6 All India Toppers in two years and has been awarded the best Travel & Tourism Institute of Gujarat, two years in a row. And yet we don’t consider it as our biggest achievement. It’s the impact our students have on the industry is what we regard as the biggest achievement of the institute. When they emerge as industry movers and shapers. Students who were once perplexed about the industry are today’s leaders and entrepreneurs. That is our biggest achievement.


Contributing to this success is one of our senior alumni, Hiral Teli Somani. An entrepreneur and a leader who followed her passion of traveling and turned it into a successful career. After years of working in the industry in various capacities and gaining vast experience, today she has started her own travel consultancy in the name of Holiday Exotica. We spoke to her on the second episode of #AchieversOfITTI to bring you her experiences, learnings, tips and some solid suggestions, which will help you in your journey to success.


Q.1 What are you currently doing?


Ans.1 Our company Holiday exotica provides travel and tourism related services to the customers. Well that is what the book says we do. When we talk of travel and tourism related services it includes a whole gamut of services such as air ticketing, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, visas and package tours. We specialize in Luxury holidays for Niche clientele. Handcrafted holidays served on platter!


Q.2 Now that you’re working in this industry. Based on your experience, how are you finding this industry?


Ans.2 Travel is my passion. When one gets to pursue the passion for a living, there can’t be a more deadly combination. I am the lucky one so if you ask me, each day is an exciting new chapter in the book of life for me. Having said that, each industry has its own set of Pros and Cons and one has to accept that in whatever they choose to pursue for life.


Q.3 What change have you seen in the Travel & Tourism Industry since the time you started your career??


Ans.3 Oh!! it’s like moving from the era of black and white to Technicolour films or let me say from the era of no mobile phones to the current day where phone is the first necessity of any person when they open their eyes in the morning. The travel industry has emerged and emerged for good. Reaching out to any part of the globe is so easy and economical. Technology has played a huge part in taking the industry to this level where it is today. Online portals, travel booking platforms and even for us agents the way we do business has changed. It’s easier, it’s faster and it’s better.


What has not changed though is the personalised touch any guest expects on his/her holiday.


Q.4 Any insight for the students who are currently pursuing the course?


Ans.4 Let’s face it, the travel industry is a glam industry. There is so much glamour and bling attached to it that kids these days get attracted to it and join. Let me tell the young generation from my experience you guys are smart, you guys are creative and you guys see the world differently but until and unless you don’t pursue your work with 100 % dedication the ladder to success is far away in the industry. Hard work and dedication is the key and should you follow that path. There is potential for growth and the course with ITTI is the first and most important step to establishing yourself in this industry.


Q.5 Your mantra of success?


The way to success is individualistic with personal preferences defining the modus operandi to get to the final destination. You ought to be the best in what you do, deliver to the best of your ability and strive for greater excellence at all ties; it is then that you are truly successful.

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