Blessing In Disguise – My Experience With ITTI


01 September 2017

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Blessing In Disguise – My Experience With ITTI

I had a childhood where my mother played a very vital role in supporting the family financially. I had seen her work with immense dedication and sometimes I had seen her exhausted from the long day at work – but no matter how tired and drained out she wad by the end of the day, she went with double the passion to work the next morning. I believed she was an extraordinary with much zeal and enthusiasm towards work but it wasn’t until I stepped into the Travel industry that I began sharing her zeal and enthusiasm.


For years I had been intrigued, questions like “Why is everyone so busy with booking a flight?” “It is just a tour, so why the rush and dedication to it?” – hovered my mind till my college years. How hard booking a flight or planning a tour can be, right? But it is when I stepped into this industry I learnt the real meaning of Travel and Tourism. I realised the real essence of those words. Everything fell right into place. And my questions were very well answered.



Travel is a way of communicating culture, lifestyle and beauty of places to people and this requires every ounce of dedication and intricate planning.


Joining ITTI was a blessing in disguise. Mr. Ajay Kurseja is not only a teacher – he is a mentor, guide and a trainer who teaches for life. Learnings from Ajay sir are applicable in any and every aspect of life. Classroom learnings are not theories from books, they are his experiences, real life scenarios and very practical situations presented to make one very comfortable with the Travel and Tourism Industry.


The reason he is called “THE BEST” in the industry is due to his amazing career graph and his invaluable experience. I have learnt so much just by observing him work and just by listening to his experiences.


One of the best times was sitting in the ITTI classroom with strangers who are now my friends for life. I have taken so much from Ajay sir and ITTI that a mere thank you would not suffice. My studies became learnings and my classmates became my friends. Values of life and rich knowledge is what I have my pockets full off. A mentor, a guide, a philosopher, a friend in disguise and a humble human being – MR. AJAY KURSEJA. A heartfelt thank you for being a part of my life and career. Sir, no amount of words can present my gratitude towards you and ITTI. Truly a blessing in disguise!

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