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One of the star achievers of ITTI, Aanal Shah, is one of those personalities who inspires a lot of people to pursue their dreams. Started her career in the finance sector, Aanal was already an achiever when she came to ITTI. Standing strong as the Director of finance – with an extensive experience of 18 long years. Aanal was brave and ambitious enough to take a leap of faith and give her life long passion for Travel & Tourism a professional route.


In her attempt to work her way up in the Travel & Tourism Industry, she came to ITTI, with a thousand questions, summed to define her purposes of breaking in the Travel & Tourism Industry.

At ITTI, under the mentorship of Ajay Kurseja (Director, ITTI) & Chaitali Shah, she started preparing for the IATA examinations, conducted in month of september, 2016. With persistence, conviction and passion, she scaled from knowing little to becoming the All India Topper in the IATA examinations. 

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